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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The App Heard Round the World: Audible Mobile App!

    It's the last day of July, and the last day of my 'Appy July series for Grad.Life!! Don't fret, though -- there will be more digital treasures featured on the blog throughout the summer, here and there! Feast now, but no famine later!
   Today I am featuring the mobile app. A while back, you may remember my post on how much I HEART listening to audio books:

  • on my commute....
That's how I look in the morning...

  • while working out...
Clearly me again

  • while relaxing...

  •  or walking around the city...

There I am again with headphones!!!
Now, since I've gotten a sassy smart phone, I've downloaded the Audible app, and have been enjoying my audio books in a whole new way!
    The Audible app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows phones; check out the Web page here for more info. I have the iPhone version, and it's pretty simple to use. I choose a book from the Audible library, download it through Itunes either on my computer or mobile device, and it gets synced into my Audible library through Cloud technology.
You can also bookmark "pages," earn badges, keep track of your listening data, and, of course, shop for more books!
    The best part about Audible, at least for me, is the huge library of audio books that they offer. For tips, you may want to check out The Audies, the annual audio book awards given by Audio Files, a publication dedicated to audio book productions.  Last month, I listened to Beautiful Ruins, by Jess Walter -- what an amazing work!! Highly recommend!
    Of course, the down-side is, for a graduate student, is that the productions are pretty expensive! But, there are free trials available, and if you don't like a book, you can exchange it, no questions asked. And, when you consider the hours and hours of entertainment you get from one book, the value becomes more apparent, and you begin to better appreciate the talented performers, directors, and writers that came together to record the book. It always makes me wonder what goes into making an audio book! I'd love to read about a behind-the-scenes, making-of for one of these books!
    If you have Audible, let me know what your experience has been! Until next time, 'appy audio book listening! -- Liza


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