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Friday, July 12, 2013

Go Streaking Today!

Hi All!
     Here's my next featured APP for my Appy July series! This one is called "Streaks" -- a simple but cool calendar app that allows you to track your "streaks" of activities. You can build different calendars to track different goals. For example, you can have one for running or working out, for writing your dissertation, for healthy eating, for talking to your grandmother in Seattle, for riding your bike, for writing in your journal or posting on your blog -- anything you want to do regularly or make a habit of, you can track!
     The app is so easy to use. You just tap on the calendar day and an "x" appears on that day. On the bottom of the screen, the app will tell you your current streak, and your longest streak so far. 
     You can have multiple calendars; I currently have three -- Dissertation, Healthy Eating, and Exercising. One cool feature is that you can set your streaks with all different options -- to allow for tasks that occur less often, or to enable "cheat" days, I guess... ha! For example, you can set the frequency of the task, under the option "How often is your task?" If your task only requires you to do it every other day, or every 5 days, or even every 30 days, you can track those streaks, too. Maybe you only want to call your grandmother every week, or go to Wednesday night yoga each week for 6 months straight -- set these calendars to "Every Week." Or, maybe you want to work on your dissertation proposal every other day. Set this calendar to "Every Other Day," and then track your days. The app will tell you how long you keep up this goal!
    The cheat days are good too -- say you want to eat healthy foods all week long, but you want to allow yourself Friday and Saturday to eat whatever you want. You can set your "streak" to continue through these cheat days. 
      You can even use it for things you want to QUIT or things that you do excessively. For example, you can keep track of your goal to quit smoking, to stop eating junk food, or to not watch Law and Order SVU every single day.
    A great thing about the app is that it doesn't just tell you your streaks; it shows you the whole calendar so that, even if you miss a day here and there and your streak starts over, you can still see the Xs and know what you've done, just by good old fashion counting. That way, you can compare the number to other months, and set goals based on that frequency per month, as well.
Happy Streaking!


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