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Friday, July 26, 2013

Fordham Mobile Apps -- Making Students 'Appy

Hello All! '
     Appy Friday! In this next segment of my Appy July app-review series, I'm featuring the mobile apps of Fordham University, home to the GSAS!
     Fordham has two mobile apps in the Apple App Store. One is called mFordham, by Fordham University Education, and one is Fordham University, by YouVisit LLC. Both are free.

This is the home screen for mFordham:

As you can see, it is a very handy app if you are a current student or if you are a visitor!
Click on "News" for a list of current events:
There is also a great "Maps" page, that allows you to zoom and and explore the neighborhood and campus!

Next, attention grad.students: check out the "Library" Feature, which allows you to search the library catalogues, and also provides Library hours and information right at your fingertips.

Also, there's a great Video page, on which the app creators have compiled some Youtube videos related to Fordham University life and academics. You can check out the Fordham Choir's performances, or Richard Engel's commencement address, and other cool vids related to Fordham and the GSAS, on this page.
 Stay tuned for part 2 a bit later, when I feature the YouVisit app for Fordham! In the meantime, enjoy your Friday!
-- Liza


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