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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

GSAS Town Hall Meeting Announced

Hi All!
    I hope August is going well for all! I got to enjoy a little summer get-away to Lake Placid last week -- it was beautiful! Here is a little collage I made of some LP sights!

  Share your summer travel pictures with the blog on our Facebook page, here! We'd love to see where you went and what you've been up to!!
   Speaking of summer travel, I hope you've had a change to check out the graduate work being done abroad this summer by our Santander Fellowship winners. Click here to link to their exciting blog chronicling their amazing experiences!

  So, despite not wanting summer to be over, I wanted to make sure to let you readers know of an important event coming up in the GSAS. To kick off the new semester, the GSAS will be holding a Town Hall meeting, on August 27th. It will be a great forum to discuss issues and bring up concerns and opinions about the coming year!

   The First half of GSAS Town Hall meeting will be an open forum for students to bring up any concerns that they may have regarding the upcoming academic year.
    Then, the Fordham Health Insurance Provider and Fordham Respresentatives will be addressing GSAS students during the second half of the Dean's Annual Town Hall Meeting. This will be a chance for students to voice any concerns and/or questions they may have about Health Insurance and the provider or to answer questions about the waiver plan for graduate students.

Check out the information below!

GSAS Town Hall Meeting
Tuesday, August 27th
4 to 5 pm
O'Hare Special Collections Room
Walsh Library, 4th floor
Rose Hill Campus

Link the to the invitation HERE.

Hope to see your summer travel pictures soon! Until next time, Liza


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  2. I hope you've had a change to check out the graduate work being done abroad this summer by our Santander Fellowship winners here Thanks

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