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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"GradHearts" Dating Service: All I Want for You.

    Just got word of a new dating site, called GradHearts. Free to join, it works a lot like and okcupid -- you know, a profile, a picture, some filters, a wink, a blink, and a nod. The catch is that you have to have a graduate degree (a Master's or a Phd) to join up!
    I went undercover and logged in, to see what it was like and report back to you, readers! To create your profile, you just have to fill out a quick "About You" survey, to help generate your profile. On the professional side, it asks for your degree level,  subject studied (arts, humanities, law, engineering, medicine, or sciences), and current profession. On the personal side, it asks for your date of birth, marital status, sexuality, politics, and religion. Next, you use a map to "locate" yourself, zooming in as far as your very street, if you want!
   After you enter your own stats, you then have the option to select what you are looking for in a partner -- with the same categories as above. Upload a 140 character statement about yourself, and then a more detailed paragraph, if you want, plus the all-important PHOTO, and then, viola! You're now officially a member of Gradhearts.
   The site is pretty new, so not much is out there on how well it works, or how interesting the dating pool is. Overall, I think it is an interesting idea, because sometimes it is indeed easier to date someone who knows what you are going through -- kind of like when Hollywood actors say it is easier to date another person in show business, because they understand that kind of life. However, some say you'll have more success dating someone who does something totally different from you -- so who knows! Weigh in on that point, if you want!
    Regardless of opinions on grads dating grads, and although I can't say first hand if the site will find you an eternal romance, or even a fun fling, I wanted to let the GSAS world know about it, in case you have a special holiday wish this year. :)


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