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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Workshop on Online Presence for Grads to be Held on Nov. 7th

Hi Readers!
     Hope you are all busy getting ready for the Frankenstorm! Between the storm, Halloween, the World Series, and Election Day coming up, we have lots of events rising up on our cultural horizon. But don't let the maelstrom of Frankenstorm and the Presidential Election overshadow some important events coming up in our very own GSAS community. After the storm settles down and we all pick up the pieces, and have elected our President for the next four years, you may be interested in this important upcoming event on our campus. Read on:

Creating an Online Presence
     Several months ago, I posted a blog entry about the importance of creating an online presence as a graduate student within the context of an academic career. (Read the entry here.) Next Wednesday, on November 7th, there will be a workshop held on our very own campus to discuss this important topic. The Fordham Graduate Digital Humanities group and the GSAS will co-sponsor "You Online: Developing Your Online Academic Presence." The event will take place in the Flom Auditorium, in the Walsh Library at Rose Hill, from 11 to 3. From 11 to 12, there is a talk open to the entire Fordham community, by Michael Mandiberg, of the CUNY grad center. Then, after lunch, representatives from each department will participate in a workshop focusing on creating a WordPress site. More information about the entire event can be found here. Register for this event at this link! It should be a wonderful opportunity to get you thinking about how to make your academic presence known on-line, using best practices that will carve out your identity in a professional, smart, door-opening way.
     Always look for more upcoming events in the GSAS here on the Grad.Life Blog. And if you have any events you'd like Grad.Life to promote, please leave us a comment, or write in to our Facebook page, or email Liza at, and let me know the info!
Thanks, until next time, Liza

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