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Monday, June 11, 2012

Blogs for Grads!

Hi Readers!
Thanks for tuning into last week's post -- it had the most first-day hits ever! This week, I wanted to share a list I found about other graduate-school related blogs -- it's called the "Top 50 Blogs Every Graduate Student Should Read," and I found it by googling "graduate school blogs." I was looking for other blogs like Grad.Life, to see what other graduate students are writing and thinking about. I hit the jackpot when I found this list!
Some of the "blogs" listed aren't really blogs -- more like websites that provide information or links to resources. But the blogs that are on the list are some I have never heard of before, but that I am glad I found. The list is from January of 2011, but most of these blogs are still in action and have current posts that are full of information, anecdotes, perspectives, and ideas about graduate school life. Even the ones that aren't super current have great archives to browse through.
The first one on the list, "Adventures in Gradland," actually has since changed it's name to "Adventures in (Post) Gradland" -- author defended in May! There is hope!! :)
There's one called "Dissertation Diva" that has some clever and funny advice-column-esque Q & A posts,  plus lots of advice for writing the dissertation.
I also got sucked into the archives of "To Do: Dissertation," -- I laughed because on my "To Do" lists that I scribble down onto the margins of my planner each day always start with: To Do: Diss, which is obviously so ridiculous to write down on my To Do list -- as if I could forget that this monster that is holding up my life is hanging over my head!!!!
The list is broken up into 5 sections: general life support, specific graduate program blogs, study tool resources, writing resources, and work and money. In the last section, I enjoyed browsing through "Broke Grad" -- it reads like a magazine geared towards helping graduate students become financially savvy in the real world.
Well, I hope this list is helpful in your time of need and does not increase the procrastination factor!
Til next time---

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