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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl & Grad.Life!

Hi Fordham Graduate Students!
Happy Superbowl Sunday! I've given myself the day off from dissertation work to enjoy the cooking, snacking, football watching and general festivities of this day that otherwise might just be any other day-before Monday, excepting the millions of dollars spent on food, alcohol, Verizon and Budweiser endorsements, interviews, fireworks, confetti, security, new lyrics for Faith Hill, flat screen TVs and surround sound systems.  Given the crowds at Whole Foods today, it seems that many people are "all in" for tonight's game. Whether you stay in or go out, or watch the game or watch a foreign film in anti-establishment protest, everyone be safe, have fun and enjoy the celebratory vibe in the air! Remember that life is short, and we should take some joy in being with friends, family and people we love, for whatever occasion that comes along as an excuse to do so!

"Giants and the Pats in the final showdown...."
Until next time! -- Liza Z.

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