Fordham GSAS: Grad. Life: “Time Goes By So Slowly for Those Who Wait”

Monday, May 16, 2011

“Time Goes By So Slowly for Those Who Wait”

Time is a funny thing. Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with time. Maybe that’s because it always seems to do the opposite of what I want it to do (goes quickly when I want it to go slowly or vice versa), only to change its mind midway through.

For example, I now feel that my two years here at Fordham went by in an instant. I still vividly remember orientation and my first weeks here. I still feel like all of those graduate school “firsts” happened at most a month or so ago. And yet, while I was going through it, I felt that it would never end. I was certain that the work would go on forever, the reading would take centuries, the writing would never get done, and I would never graduate. When I wanted time to go quickly, to get out of the pile of work I was buried in, it would just refuse to budge. And now that I’m sad to leave all my friends, it’s decided to speed up like crazy. But I guess that’s what I asked for, right? 

But enough of these metaphysical reflections. Really, what I want to tell you all in this, my last entry for this blog, is thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting, here or on Facebook,…or for thinking about commenting. Or for trying to comment and having technical difficulties (I heard about at least one instance of that). Thank you for allowing me to represent you and your graduate school life with my musings and questions. It has seriously been a great experience for me, and I hope it was fun and interesting for all of you on the other end of the screen/page/*your choice of metaphor here*.

I don’t know who will take over this blog next year, but I’m sure that, whoever it is, he or she will be wonderful. Because (s)he will be one of us. One of us strange people who choose more and more school. So I encourage all of you, whether you are graduating with me or not, to check back here sometime in late August or early September, and get to know the new GSAS blogger. I know I will. 

So, with graduation upon us, I wish all of you staying here at Fordham (or at other schools) good luck in the future. And a big CONGRATULATIONS to all of you getting those pieces of paper we all work so hard for. No, not money guys. Come on, this is grad. school. I mean diplomas!

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