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Monday, June 17, 2013

Lower East Side Film Festival Going On Now!!

Hi GSAS Grad Students and grad.lifers all around the land! Good morning on this beautiful Monday morning!
Here's a riddle! What is something in New York City that:

--features innovative work and fresh thinkers

--is populated by smart and fun people

--is associated with the words "ultra-low-budget"

--requires hard work for disproportionately small monetary reward?

   NOOOOO, it's not graduate school, people -- I'm talking about the Lower East Side Film Festival!
The film festival, in its third year, is happening now until June 23, in the young, fun, artistic "indie" New York neighborhood known as the Lower East Side.
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    The film festival was created in 2010 by four young artists, Damon Cardasis, Roxy Hunt, Shannon Walker, and Tony Castle (pictured above). What started out with small BYOB screening events in LES storefronts has grown in the last three years, but the festival still retains its unpretentious, non-intimidating, young, neighborly, authentic vibes that welcomes low-budget films with heart -- and audiences who appreciate them.  
    Coming up -- tonight's Animation Night, Tuesday's Shorts Night, and Wednesday's documentary night!! See the full schedule here, and check out the website here for more info about the back story, judges, and featured films! For graduate students in the NYC area watching their coins but wanting to experience something fun and inspiring this summer in the city, this is an event you won't want to miss!
If you end up attending, share your stories here at Grad.Life! :)

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