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Thursday, May 9, 2013

PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT for the Rooftop Social: Friday, May 10th!!

Hi GSAS students! Happy End of the Semester!
      To celebrate, please join the GSA in celebrating at the Spring Semester Rooftop Social, on Friday, May 10th!
       It's on the rooftop patio of the Walsh Library, from 5pm to 8pm. Come enjoy snacks and beverages and a nice outdoor space! (If raining, it will be in the Special Collections Room, 4th floor -- with great views of the campus!)
      And, to make things even more fun this year, I've created the first annual ROOFTOP SOCIAL PHOTO-SCAVENGER HUNT! 
      Below are fifteen items that you must find with your smart phone or digital camera. Get as many as you can, and interpret them however you want -- the more creative the better! Submit your photos to the blog via Facebook, with captions, and I'll collect and post the best ones!

Rooftop Social Photo-Scavenger Hunt, 2012-2013
The challenge: Capture the following on your smartphone or digital camera:
  1. A high-five
  2. Someone you met in your very FIRST semester here at the GSAS
  3. Someone you met THIS semester
  4. Someone you've never met before tonight
  5. An introduction
  6. A View
  7. Something "great"
  8. A "first"
  9. Your favorite _____(fill in the blank)______
  10. Something "inter-departmental"
  11. Something mixed
  12. Something matched
  13. Something finished
  14. Something unfinished
  15. A farewell

Have fun -- I can't wait to see the pictures! Congrats on completing another great semester! -- Liza

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