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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week!

Hey Readers! So, I just found this out: It is Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week! From April 1 to April 5th, universities around the nation are celebrating and appreciating its graduate and professional students:
"April 1-5, 2013 has been set aside as a time to recognize the contributions and importance of graduate students in the United States. We celebrate and honor the teaching assistants, research assistants, graduate association leaders and all students pursuing graduate and professional degrees. We appreciate your vital contribution to this university."
 The special week is sponsored by, a non-profit organization devoted to providing graduate students with resources ranging from dissertation advice, financial issues, mentorship, social issues, and even emotional and psychological crisis management. Check out their "Articles and Resources" page here.
   How will you be celebrating this week? Do you think we deserve a week of appreciation? Sound off here. At the very least, maybe your professors will bring you some pastries during your seminar today.

:) Enjoy being appreciated!
-- Liza



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