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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Profile Pages for GSAS Students!

Hello GSAS students,
Just wanted to help publicize a new initiative for GSAS students -- GSAS Profile Pages!
Here's what the GSAS Office of Student Development released in February:
"Fordham’s Graduate School of Arts & Sciences is undertaking an exciting new project that will provide each participant with an individual webpage maintained by the GSAS which will allow our students better visibility to showcase their particular scholarly interests and projects.  In addition to basic contact information, you may link to your personal CV or resume, social media sites, or links to your published works."
GSASers, this is great news! We as students all have been urging our institution and departments to help professionalize us in addition to educating us, and there has been lots of buzz in the graduate education blogging world about the need for students' attention to their online presence; here is one really great answer to the call from the GSAS.
     But the word on the street is that not everyone has taken advantage of this great new initiative!! So, the deadline has been extended: the original deadline was March 1, but you now have until THIS FRIDAY, March 29th, to upload your info!! Please take advantage of this great opportunity! Click here  to access the upload form.
Here's a link that illustrates a few sample profile pages!
Thanks all -- let's get our beautiful, lovely and amazing faces out there for the world to see!! :)
--- Liza


  1. The College Profile is one example of profile pages on gsas. Here all relevant institution details are shared with the user, as well as social features...

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