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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Dissertation Blues

Happy Saturday + President's Day weekend, dear readers!
      Last year, to help cheer me up while I was writing my dissertation, my aunt, who lives on the West Coast, showed she was thinking about me by writing a poem called "The Dissertation Blues." Each month, I would receive one installment of the poem in my inbox. It was so awesome to know that someone was doing something nice to cheer me up, kind of like someone on the sidelines watching a marathon. (And god knows I will probably never run a marathon.) So this year, I thought I would feature each rhyme here on the blog, to help cheer everyone up who is in the same position! :)  Here are January and February's:
The Dissertation Blues
by Joy Zitelli
(Parts 1 and 2)


It's time to ring in the New Year
with festivities and cheer.
I should be out getting drunk
but I'm as social as a monk
it's nearly 2012
but my dreams I'll have to shelve
toast a glass of champagne or two
and celebrate with dissertation blues.


Lace, valentines, red & pink
but it's this paper I must ink
chocolates and arrows from cupid
home on the 14th 
I'll sure look stupid
on my endless date with you
Mr. dissertation blue.  

Watch for more installments each month! 

And, in tomorrow's post, I'll feature a discussion of The Chronicle's February 11th article "The Dissertation Can No Longer Be Defended," by Stacey Patton.
Have a great Saturday! 


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