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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is Email Old School?

Hello GSAS students and Grad.Life readers!
      The fall 2012 semester is underway, hints of fall weather are sneaking into the New York City air, and I am slowly falling into step with the subject of my newest dissertation chapter -- Grad.Life is good! I hope everyone feel the same and has been enjoying new classes, coursework, and research projects.
     This year, I hope to see the Grad.Life blog grow even more than it did last semester. The idea of having a GSAS blog that serves to jumpstart conversations and to convey information seems to be in line with what colleges & universities are doing all over the world -- using various web-based media in order to reach out to and connect with their student bodies. In fact, I just read an article in The Chronicle about the ways colleges and universities are beginning to diversify their methods of communicating with students, moving from email based communication towards a multi-pronged approach that incorporates Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. According to the article, email is becoming too antiquated for the current generation of college students.
This. makes. me. feel. old. 
    I, personally, rely on email for almost everything I do. I email myself to-do lists, shopping lists, and schedules; I backup personal and school related files on gmail; I search my inbox for pertinent information such as room numbers, meeting times, friend's addresses and phone numbers. I link myself to articles, recipes, products, stores, and menus. My Gmail account is a treasure trove of information, and I interact with it all day long, in these varied ways.
   Of course, I get a lot of use out of FB as well, mostly for social interaction between friends, family, and colleagues, and also turning to FB for information for certain events and announcements. Twitter is something I reserve for entertainment and good laughs. But email is still my primary source of information -- which includes both incoming, new information as well as stored info from the recent past. 
   Am I outdated?? Is email "OLD SCHOOL"? What about blogs? Suddenly after reading this article, they seem sort of 2004 to me -- should I be pinning my thoughts for the GSAS instead of blogging them?  Maybe some of the new GSAS students can help me out and share thoughts? Or maybe do some readers from my GSAS "generation" want to weigh in? You can use more than 140 characters in your response. :P
   Until next time -- enjoy the beautiful NYC weather -- Liza Z.

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